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Dirty Blood - Larisa's Favorite Wineglass!

Dirty Blood - Larisa's Favorite Wineglass!

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🍷 Elevate Your Sip, Darling!  🥂

No matter what you're drinking, this exclusive "She'sss Fire" Stemless Wineglass – an exquisite homage to the fierce Larisa and her enthralling journey with Kingsssnake in the Dirty Blood series. 📚💋

🔥 Just like Larisa, who fearlessly tamed Kingsnake, this wineglass embodies the spirit of a no-nonsense, bad b*itch in charge of her own narrative. 💃✨ 

Don't be just another mortal when you can embrace the darkness and sip like a vampire queen with Larisa's Favorite Wineglass. Elevate your sips, indulge your fantasies, and remember: in the world of vampires, dark passion flows as rich as blood! 🥂🦇 #EmbraceTheDarkness #DirtyBloodSips

🍷 Specifications:

  • Crafted from high-quality glass for a luxurious feel.
  • Its sleek and timeless design pays homage to the blood-red moonlit nights.
  • With a generous 15 oz (443 ml) capacity, it's perfect for savoring your favorite "blood" – be it wine, cocktails, or other supernatural concoctions.
  • For that everlasting charm, we recommend handwashing – no microwaves for this beauty!
  • Proudly sourced from the US for that exceptional quality.
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